Candidate Categories: Agronomy & Seed

Sales Rep

Demonstrated success in agronomy, seed and feed.  Effectively managed sales district, recruited and trained dealer force and grew sales volume through service and relationship development.  Reference says, “Good set of selling skills.  Progressive and open to new ideas.”  Willing to travel, based in Ohio.

R & D

MS in Ag Mechanization, CCA.  Over 10 years working in seed research.  Sourced land for plots, designed yield trials.  Led crew in planting of seed plots, plot maintenance, field observation, advancement selection and harvest.  Designed/implemented number of improvements.  Reference says, “Tell him what you want done and he’ll figure it out and accomplish it.  Very


Skilled in sales, marketing and as operations manage.r  Restructured 4 distribution centers and 2 sales territories changing them form money losers into profit centers.  Offers experience in agriculture as well as turf and ornamental.  Pacific Northwest or Southwest USA. 

Operations Manager/Precision Ag

Two seasons as applicator.  Recently Research Associate for a seed company.  Duties included field mapping, managing seed filling room, leading a planting crew, supervising pollinating crew and managing equipment, fleet vehicle repairs.  Enjoys technology and working with precision ag.  BS degree.  WI, IL.

International Project Mgr.

Offers a diverse background in seed production, farming and agronomy.  His wealth of experience includes six months in Africa as GM of a seed production/sales facility.  Reference says, ” Natural leader.  Problem solver.  Very knowledgeable in agronomy.  Great attitude.”   BS, CCA.  Interested in International opportunities.

Precision Ag Specialist

Sells fertilizer, chemicals and precision Ag products.  Creates VRT prescriptions, services and supports precision Ag customers.  20+ years in agronomy and precision Ag industries.  BS Ag Business.  IA, SD.