Executive Recruiting

While much of agriCAREERS, INC.’s® recruiting services is handled on a contingency basis, companies and associations may opt to utilize our Executive Recruiting services for senior level positions.   An executive search is an exclusive, retained search.

When conducting an Executive Search, utilize agriCAREERS, INC.® to find the best person for the position.  agriCAREERS, INC.® can alleviate stress and reduce time spent by the management team and Board of Directors.  Our Executive Search team develops a candidate attribute profile, allowing for objective decisions to be made.

agriCAREERS, INC.®  is effective in candidate development.  We take time to verify candidate’s experiences, conduct reference checks, and generate background checks.  We protect in-house candidates.

Our experienced, well respected team of professionals will work exclusively with you to fill your senior management needs. Contact Tammy Jensen at (712)779-2051 to discuss our executive search process.  We will work with you closely to find the best candidate for your organization.