Contingency Recruiting

Finding qualified agricultural personnel to fill an opening on your team can be difficult.  While posting openings on job boards or running advertisements can generate interest in the position, it often leads to you sorting through a large pool of unqualified candidates.  Please consider letting the agriCAREERS, INC.® team assist you with finding the right candidate for the position.  agriCAREERS, INC.®  recruits in the areas of agricultural business, agronomy, seed, banking & finance, farm production, and the food industry.  We are an employer-paid recruiting firm; however, there is no fee unless we are successful in locating the individual you hire.

We will conduct nation-wide searches utilizing our network of contacts within the agricultural industry.  We work hard to send only qualified candidates and won’t pass along a resume unless we feel the candidate meets your expectations for the job.  We interview candidates, discuss the position, and conduct reference checks prior to sending their information to you.  We can also conduct a background check on any candidate you have genuine interest in hiring.

Providing professional and confidential services, we’d be honored to assist you with your hiring needs.  Give us a call today at (712)779-3300.