About Us


“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute
most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.”

~Thomas Jefferson

Our History

agriCAREERS, INC.® is dedicated to helping agricultural companies, operations, and the people in them thrive. Inspired by the perspective of Thomas Jefferson, we are known for our knowledge of the ag industry, our ethics, and our service.

Recruitment and placement are more than a numbers game. agriCAREERS, INC.® does our best for candidates and clients, so the outcome is a good fit for all involved.

agriCAREERS, INC.® has been committed to matching the right person to the right job for over 55 years.

Roy Holland became a pioneer in the industry when he founded agriCAREERS, INC.® in New Hampton, Iowa in 1968. This was the original employer-paid recruiting firm for the agricultural industry in the United States.

In 1977 Gary Maas was made partner with the opening of the office in Massena, Iowa. Later, as the business evolved, Tammy Jensen, Judy Meyer, and Judy Bruening also became part owners. As others have retired, Jensen continues the legacy of service and dedication to the agricultural industry and the people working in it.

agriCAREERS, INC.® works with employers and employees in all areas of agriculture to fulfill employment needs. We understand our clients’ needs and provide confidential, professional assistance as we deliver personnel services nationwide.

We celebrated 50 years of successful business in 2018! agriCAREERS, INC.® keeps pace with the evolving demands of our world. From technology’s impact on communication to the changing perspectives of the workforce and employers, our expertise and networks help us provide valuable services to our clients.

We look forward to continuing to use our knowledge of agriculture to serve the varied companies and operations that provide the foundation for so much that enriches our lives.


What We Do

Founded in 1968, agriCAREERS, INC.® is the original U.S. employer-paid personnel recruiting firm targeting the agricultural industry. We are committed to serving clients nationwide.

We offer a range of services including contingency recruiting, executive recruiting, and behavior assessment tools. agriCAREERS, INC.® serves all types of agriculture-related fields:

  • Agronomy
  • Agribusiness
  • Banking & Finance
  • Crop Production
  • Equipment
  • Food Industry
  • Grain
  • Feed
  • Livestock
  • Seed

agriCAREERS, INC.® is recognized nationwide for our professional and confidential services. Our extensive database of clients and candidates along with our broad network of contacts provide a competitive advantage. We screen candidates and check references, lessening your workload.

A survey showed that 91% of Fortune 500 companies with ag-related operations have used our services.

Our Leadership


Tammy Jensen : President

Tammy Jensen


As president and owner of Jensen, Maas & Associates, Inc. dba agriCAREERS, INC.®, Tammy Jensen brings her strong background in agriculture to the job. She grew up in the neighboring rural community of Bridgewater. She and her husband, Roger, live the farm life with a diversified crop and livestock operation. Prior to joining agriCAREERS, INC.®, Tammy gained experience with a professional farm management firm. In addition, she holds a BS degree in business from the University of Northern Iowa.

Jensen joined agriCAREERS, INC.®, part-time in 1987 and quickly advanced to senior recruiter and supervisor. Throughout her career, she has been one of the most successful recruiters at agriCAREERS, INC.®

Tammy Jensen became Managing Partner in 2004. Today, she works from the Massena office to continue the mission of knowledgeable, ethical personnel service for the agriculture industry. She is experienced in all phases of business and specializes in placing candidates in senior levels of agribusiness and banking.

She is known as a source of information in the ag recruiting field. Tammy contributes to and is quoted by prominent publications addressing available opportunities and the employment outlook in the ag industry.

Jensen enjoys talking with students of all levels –high school to graduate candidates– about career paths within agriculture. Tammy also draws on her expertise and experience while serving on the Professional Advisory Committee for the School of Agricultural Sciences for Northwest Missouri State University.

Outside of the office, Tammy enjoys life in rural Iowa. She values the closeness to nature and peacefulness that farm life allows, and she especially likes watching calves discover the world. Tammy and Roger have two grown children and three granddaughters who continue the tradition of dedication to agriculture through active involvement in farm operations and agribusiness. They are proud to demonstrate stewardship of the land for the next generations.