How long do you keep my information active?

You will remain active until we find the right opportunity for you or you tell us you are no longer seeking a career change. We keep your information on file indefinitely. Just because we cannot help you this time, doesn’t mean we will not have the right fit for you in the future.

How long will the process take for you to find me a job?

Placing candidates is not an overnight process.  It varies according to the positions we have open at the present time, each requiring specific qualifications and a specialized skill set.  Under the right conditions, things can happen rather quickly; otherwise it can take a while.  We will do our best to help you out, but please realize we cannot place everybody.

I do not have a lot of experience in agriculture, but love the industry. Do you have any positions for me?

That depends on your previous experience.  Our clients pay us to find qualified candidates with proven abilities in their field.  Employers are looking for ready-to-start candidates who have been working in their desired field for at least a few years.  We recommend you develop a few years of experience in agriculture before contacting us.

Do you have to visit with my current employer as a reference?

We will not visit with your current employer or any other reference without your permission. We do not want to do anything to jeopardize your present position.

Nobody knows I’m looking to make a career change and I prefer to keep it that way. Will you keep my information confidential?

Absolutely!  Your information will not be submitted to any employer without your consent.  agriCAREERS, INC.®‘s success in the recruiting business stems from our ethical and honest relationships with clients and candidates.  We care about you!

What do you expect from me as a candidate?

Open and honest communication is key. In the recruiting world, timing is everything, therefore we need prompt follow-up on your part. If we leave a message for you, call us back as soon as possible. Otherwise the position may be filled.

I have a resume. Do I really need to complete your application?

Yes! It provides us with information not found on most resumes. The information is imperative when we represent you as a candidate to potential employers.

I’m interested in working with you to find a job within the agricultural industry. What do I need to do?

We ask all of our prospective candidates to fill out our application, which can be completed on-line. Once we have reviewed your information, we will contact you when suitable opportunities are available.