Candidate Categories: Seed

Seed Agronomist

Over 20 years in sales and agronomy. Effective in dealer recruitment. Researched, evaluated and selected hybrids for region. Skilled in providing Agronomy training to sales team. Colleague says, “So knowledgeable. Can talk with people at all levels. Best agronomist I’ve ever worked with.” BS Agronomy. IA.

Seed Sales

Offers several years experience in seed and agronomy sales. Particularly enjoys the seed business and would like to transition to seed DSM role. Has earned multiple awards for his sales success. Reference says, “Great with customers.” Another says, “Builds good relationships. He’s been a big part of our location’s growth. Good in seed.” CCA. IA.

Sales Rep

Demonstrated success in agronomy, seed and feed.  Effectively managed sales district, recruited and trained dealer force and grew sales volume through service and relationship development.  Reference says, “Good set of selling skills.  Progressive and open to new ideas.”  Willing to travel, based in Ohio.

Operations Manager/Precision Ag

Two seasons as applicator.  Recently Research Associate for a seed company.  Duties included field mapping, managing seed filling room, leading a planting crew, supervising pollinating crew and managing equipment, fleet vehicle repairs.  Enjoys technology and working with precision ag.  BS degree.  WI, IL.