Candidate Categories: Farm & Livestock Production

Swine Specialist

Wealth of experience within the swine industry. Worked with financials, production records, trained staff, and worked with pig flows. Also conducted on-farm consulting. Worked with nutrition, production and logistics for finishing and nursery. Experienced with contract negotiating and business development. Introduced new product into the swine market. Midwest.

Feed Consultant

Twenty years in feed industry. Involved with mill expansion, led team of 3 sales people and developed a $1MM feed business. Strongest in beef and dairy. Former supervisor says, “Very good with the nutritional side and ration balancing.” Another reference says, “Very, knowledgeable in regards to nutrition and animal husbandry.” MN. 

Swine Consultant

Diverse background in the swine industry. Experience includes roles as Site Territory Supervisor, Hog Buyer and Manager of Swine Research Facility. BS Animal Science. Midwest.

Technical Swine Associate

MS in Animal and Veterinary Sciences, worked as Research Specialist providing research support to PhD students conducting studies with poultry, swine and dairy. Wrote grants and research project proposals. “Amazing. Give her anything to do and will figure it out and get it done. Good communication skills. Southeast. $60,000+.

Environmental Manager

Led the environmental team in protecting and preserving land/water through environmental stewardship standards.  Created and implemented environmental policies and procedures to ensure compliance with DNR. IA.

Crop Assistant

Studied Farm Operations with a Crop Emphasis.  Experienced with variety of equipment including tractors, forklifts and application equipment.  MN, SD, WY.