Job Categories: Swine

Nursery Technician

Diversified (crop, swine and beef) farming operation seeking an individual to work in the nursery. Responsible for the day-to-day operation of a nursery. Will also assist with other aspects of the farm when time needed. Benefits include house, beef and pork and vacation.

Sow Farm Manager

2500 Sow unit seeking manager to oversee 11 employees. Requires excellent leadership skills, demonstrated success in livestock production (ideally swine). Seeking individual with skills in swine production, employee management, cost management, and facility upkeep.  Housing provided, along with other benefits.  

Swine Finishing Service Mgr.

Responsible for working with multiples contractors overseeing 40,000 hogs. Will be responsible for placing them in the barns, monitoring them throughout the growth cycle and selecting/marking them for sale. Requires swine experience and excellent communication skills. MN.

Swine Herdsman

Responsible for the daily care, health and maintenance on swine operation.   Work with load in/out, vaccination, breeding and gestation, farrowing and record keeping.

Swine Finishing Manager

Responsible for day-to-day operations of 3 finishing barns.  Duties include feeding, health and care of the pigs.  Requires dependable individual that works well independently and will take good care of the hogs.

Swine Assistant Manager

New state-of-the-art swine facility seeks individual to join their team.  Will work closely with manager and support staff on 5,000+ sow facility.  Must have excellent technology skills.  Bilingual preferred.  Exciting time to be a part of this growing operation.

Nursery Technician

Specialize in the daily pork production activities on a 9,600 head nursery.  Receive, sort and care for pigs in nursery.  Maintain healthy and safe animal environment, including ventilation, climate, water and feed.  Use automated liquid feed system.  Administer vaccines and medicines as directed to pigs.  Maintain and monitor aanimal health, care and treatment.  Keep detailed

Farrowing Lead

Seeking a Farrowing Lead for a 2600 sow operation.  Requires ability to effectively communicate with employees, as will supervise 3.  Must be well versed in farrowing. Seeking individual that can take them to the next level.  Currently producing just under 30 PPSPY.  Pays 100% of individual health insurance premium.

Sow Farm Manager

Manager needed for a 700 sow breed to isowean contract operation.  Batch farrowing in closed herd.  Needs physical ability and decision making skills along with organization to run th operation.  Long hour days for 2 weeks then 2 weeks of fewer hours.  Average 160-180 hours every 4 weeks.  Will help with breeding, farrowing, processing, ordering